Every month, your chocolate subscription box contains four full sized dark bars from the world's finest chocolate makers. Each bar has been carefully selected by Bar & Cocoa to bring you the best chocolates. Tasting notes are also emailed to you. US Shipping is free.


chocolate susbcription box
Your box ships the first week of every month. We use minimal, eco-friendly packaging. Pause, or cancel any time.


discover craft chocolate
Each box features 4 dark chocolate bars of different cacao origins, from top chocolate makers. The flavor profiles can vary like wine.


curated craft chocolate
We bring you chocolate that are hard to get, and not likely at your local store. Don't buy the "same old" anymore!

Our Chocolates

  • We do all the work. We find the best chocolate bars from the world's best craft makers — all ethically made.
  • We feature a variety of single origin chocolates made with super fine cacao, some from rare, wild sources.
  • Discover new favorites with our chocolate subscription club.
  • Shop unique chocolate gifts for others or to host the perfect chocolate tasting party!

Why Craft Chocolate?

Bean to bar craft chocolate makers start with cacao beans direct from farms, and produce them in small batches to make seriously good chocolate. Often made with the fewest ingredients possible; cacao and sugar —  the flavor profiles can vary like wine. Most of our chocolates fall in the 60% to 90% dark chocolate range, because we believe anything less isn’t real chocolate.

This Month's Featured Makers