Treat your valentine to 6 bars of delicious bean to bar chocolate from some of the world's finest chocolate makers. Carefully selected by Choco Rush, they will ship in a custom red Valentine's Day gift box and with a handwritten note from you --- we know they'll love it ! To make it even sweeter, shipping is free in the US.


Gift a custom box of 6 chocolate bars to your special someone. US shipping included.


Be sure to fill in the gift message box at checkout. We will hand write the card for you.


Their gift will arrive between February 11th & 13th - just in time. Enjoy some chocolate!

The Details

  • Every limited edition box contains 6 bars of bean to bar chocolate.
  • A handwritten gift card is included in the price. Be sure to complete the gift message box at checkout with your own personal message.
  • Chocolate bars of different cacao origins and unique chocolate makers make tasting fun! The flavor profiles can vary like wine.
  • Shipping is on us in the United States. Ice packs are included for warmer destinations.
  • All shipments will arrive by USPS between February 11th & 13th.

Bean to Bar - The Perfect Gift

Bean to bar chocolate makers start with whole cocoa beans direct from farms, and produce them in small batches to make seriously good chocolate. The entire chocolate-making process is controlled and made with fewest ingredients possible to make super premium chocolate. Our Valentine's Day chocolate bars feature some of the word's greatest chocolate makers.


Fruition Hispanola 68%

The Hispaniola is a lightly roasted and smooth dark chocolate bar made from a blend of cacao beans from the Dominican Republic. Fruition Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate maker in the Catskill mountains of New York.

Amedei Mandorle 63%

Mandorle is a dark chocolate blend pebbled liberally with crushed Avola almonds from Sicily. Amedei chocolate is crafted in Tuscany, Italy by the first female chocolate maker in the world.

Chocolate Naive w/Berries 65%

This Lithuanian chocolate maker uses fine Madagascar Criollo cacao and adds wild strawberries, blueberries and currants. A fruity bar that will make you wish for summer.

Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest 66%

This multiple award winning, well rounded delicate bar comes from handpicked wild cacao from Bolivia. Special roasting techniques are used to bring out the flavor. Original Beans is actively involved in the conservation of this rare source cacao in Bolivia.

Valrhona Grand Cru Manjari 64%

This Madagascar bar has a nice fruitiness and smoothness that makes for a wonderful introduction to those who are only familiar with milk chocolate and also pairs well with both white and red wines. Valrhona is recognized as one of the greatest bean to bar chocolate makers.

Mystery Bar

We're spicing things up with a mystery bar hand selected by Choco Rush! Another premium bean to bar chocolate from our top list of chocolate makers. Nothing says adventure like the unknown.